2024-2025 Annual Resource Packet Partnership

As an organization working in the college and career world, WSCA is proud to offer you the opportunity to share your resources with school counselors at 600+ public and private high schools! 

We mail a College & Career Resource Packet at the start of each school year that shares annual professional development opportunities, FAFSA information, and college and career resources, and this is your chance to have your organization’s content included in that mailing!

Here are the parameters of this opportunity:

  1. Cost of participation: $500
  2. Audience: School Counselors at 600+ public and private high schools throughout the state of Wisconsin
  3. Eligible Content: Resources connected to college & career readiness
  4. Resource Specifications: A single-page poster or flyer accompanied by a single-page informational letter from your organization
    1. Resource and letter must be no more than 8.5” x 11” (can be folded)
    2. All design and printing is the responsibility of the partnering organization
    3. 700 copies of your resource materials and letter must be shipped or delivered to the WSCA business office by no later than 08/09/2024
  5. Terminology Guidelines:
    1. School Counselors should not be referred to as guidance counselors or therapists.
    2. Person-first language must be used to identify individuals with disorders (e.g., students who have ADHD instead of ADHD students)

Keep in mind that our school counselors and their pupil services teams may utilize your resources in their offices and bulletin boards throughout the year, so keep your content inspiring, informative, and visually appealing.

If you would like to join us as a Resource Packet Partner, please complete the online form by 08/01/2024.

Thank you for your time, attention, and support!

If you would like to be involved but would prefer to do so over the phone, please call 608-204-9825.