WSCA Elections


2021-22 Election:  THE WSCA BOARD NEEDS YOU!

The Wisconsin School Counselor Association (WSCA) needs dedicated school counselor-advocates to become members of the WSCA Governing Board of Directors.  The WSCA Board is focused on creating conditions so Wisconsin School Counselors can practice with the highest level of effectiveness. WSCA continues to play a vital role in promoting the profession of school counseling to all our stakeholders on a state, regional and national level.  It is through the dedication of the members of the WSCA Board that we ensure school counselors remain leaders in the field of education.

We strongly encourage school counselors interested in having a significant impact on our profession to serve on the WSCA Governing Board of Directors.  We are currently seeking Board of Directors candidates to represent the diverse needs and perspectives of all Wisconsin school counselors. This is a three-year commitment. The WSCA board consisted of a nine member Board of Directors. The board adheres to the Policy Governance model and works separately from the WSCA Directors of Operations leadership team.

Applications will be accepted until December 18, 2020, at which point the Elections Committee will vet the candidates and select a slate of three to be brought before the WSCA Board of Directors for approval to be voted upon by WSCA membership for election.

Candidate application information is provided below.  If you have questions, please contact Steve Schneider, WSCA Board Election Committee Chair at or at 920-980-2822.

WSCA Board Candidate Application

Thank you for your willingness to become a candidate for the Wisconsin School Counselor Association Governing Board of Directors.  We appreciate and encourage your dedication to providing leadership for the profession of school counseling.

Each candidate must complete all of the following application items via this link no later than December 18, 2020.

The WSCA Board candidate application includes the following:

1) Resume 

2) A picture in jpeg format that is no smaller than 2 ½” x 3″ (that looks professional in black & white or in color print)

3) Confirmation the applicant meets the requirements for board director qualifications:

  • WSCA member in good standing
  • Holds a current school counselor license from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • Must have three years of experience as a professional school counselor at the time of application

4) A 50 word maximum response to the question: Why are you interested in serving as a WSCA Board Member?

5) Respond to the following prompt in fewer than 300 words: “Picture yourself as a proud member of the WSCA Board of Directors.  What are some of the skills that you possess that would contribute to the success of the Board of Directors team?”

6)  Respond to the following prompt in fewer than 300 words: “What values are most important to you that contribute to a positive and effective leadership team?”

7)  Throughout your professional practice, please describe an experience where you demonstrated your leadership skills.

8) Two Professional References

  • Name, title, phone number and e-mail of References

9) If elected, you must agree to the following:

  • Maintain a WSCA membership in good standing, as well as maintain an ASCA Professional Membership at your own expense.
  • Attend the the following WSCA Board meetings and events in addition to virtual meetings between face to face events.  Attendance at Board meetings and events is expected throughout the three year term.
    • Board Governance Training: April 17, 2021
    • Board meeting: October 15-16, 2021
    • WSCA Conference: November 10-12, 2021
    • Board meeting: January 22, 2022
    • Regional WSCA National School Counseling Week Events: February 2022
    • Board meeting: April 2022