Leadership Academy 2021-2022

Leadership Academy Cohort 4

What is Leadership Academy?

The Wisconsin School Counselor Association is proud to continue the WSCA Leadership Development Program.  This year-long program will explore leadership from the school counselor position and provide participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding of individual leadership strengths and leadership philosophy.  Program participants will be better equipped to lead their profession at the building, community, and state levels.

The purpose of the Leadership Academy cohort program is for members to have an opportunity for a higher degree of personal engagement and provide additional value through leadership skill development by:

  • Attending a series of leadership workshops and training sessions.
  • Learning more about WSCA’s history, governance process, and programs.
  • Meeting current and past WSCA leaders in a small group environment, thereby increasing the opportunity for high quality, one-to-one interactions.
  • Learning more about the inner operations, strategic planning and volunteer opportunities within WSCA, including leadership positions associated with the Board of Directors, Directors of Operations and WSCA committees.
  • Developing lifelong relationships with other Leadership Academy cohort members interested in building their leadership skills.
  • Preparing for future leadership positions on the WSCA Leadership team.

Here’s the best part: it’s FREE!  This program is not only designed to be free of cost for participants, but also has built-in monetary benefits including free Summer Academy attendance, Online Leadership Specialist Training, and free materials.

Application DEADLINE EXTENDED until after conference!

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Attendance Requirements

The attendance requirements for Leadership Academy are rigorous, please take time to review the program dates below to determine whether you can commit to fully participating in Leadership Academy Cohort 4.

2021-2022 Leadership Academy Schedule