National School Counseling Week 2022

February 7th - 11th, 2022

"School Counseling: Better Together"

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National School Counseling Week - February 7th-11th, 2022

National School Counseling Week 2022 (#NSCW22) is Feb. 7-11, 2022, to focus public attention on the unique contribution of school counselors within U.S. school systems. National School Counseling Week, sponsored by ASCA, highlights the tremendous impact school counselors can have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career. National School Counseling Week is always celebrated the first full week in February.

The 2022 theme is School Counseling: Better Together.

To help you promote the week, WSCA and ASCA have developed many materials and documents that can be found below.

National School Counseling Week Breakfast Event

February 11th, 2022

WSCA is excited to announce it’s 2nd annual National School Counselor Week event, the NSCW Breakfast! 

This celebratory event will include:

  • A WSCA led presentation on “The Role of a School Counselor”
  • The announcement of our Scholarship & WSCPAR Awards
  • A Keynote presentation by Derek Francis on Equity in School Counseling
  • Socializing & networking time

Join us for a morning of connection, learning, and celebration of our profession! With conference no longer being held in February, this is our mid-year opportunity to gather and re-energize!

2022 National School Counseling Week Photo Challenge

The NSCW photo challenge is always one of the most fun aspects of National School Counseling Week!  ASCA always does their own challenge, and at WSCA we have created our own as well.  

Download each day’s sign, take a picture with it and post to your social media channels with #NSCW22 & #WSCANSCW22. Follow #NSCW22 & #WSCANSCW22 to see how school counselors across the country are celebrating, and for your chance to win prizes at our NSCW breakfast event on Friday, February 11th!

Make sure to tag WSCA in all of your posts so we can follow along!

Prizes for posting will be given at the WSCA NSCW Breakfast celebration on 02/11/2022.

ASCA’s General NSCW 2022

ASCA’s Monday Sign

ASCA’s Tuesday Sign

ASCA’s Wednesday Sign

ASCA’s Thursday Sign

ASCA’s Friday Sign

Check out some of the fun from years past!

Other National School Counselor Week Resources

10 Ways to Promote National School Counseling Week at your School

  1. Host an “open house” in your office (or the staff lounge) with treats for staff, students and parents to come and learn more about the services that you provide for your students. Share some of this research on the Impact of School Counseling. Better yet, share your own data and results. 
  2. Create a bulletin board highlighting the programming that you offer at your school.
  3. Place a small treat in your teacher’s mailboxes with a data report highlighting a component of your counseling program of share this What Does a School Counselor Do handout by Counselor Keri or this School Counselors: The Key to Student Success graphic by NYU. 
  4. Ask for a few moments to speak to your school board, staff or PTO about your counseling program. Use the WSCA Role of the School Counselor slides to get you started. 
  5. Present the ASCA Certificates of Appreciation to key staff and community members who support your counseling program.
  6. Read daily announcements (use ASCA’s or create your own) about National School Counseling Week on the morning announcements.
  7. Encourage your school newspaper or news program to interview you during National School Counseling Week.
  8. Share this article from Edutopia (or another relevant article) with your administrator, along with a thank you note for supporting your work. ASCA has many great resources highlighting Who Are School Counselors? 
  9. Create a career video highlighting the fabulous career of the School Counselor.
  10. Sport your (Guidance) School Counselor t-shirt all week! And share information about why your title matters. Use this graphic organizer to help explain.

Proclamation, Sample Press Release, Certificate of Appreciation, Sample Morning Announcements, Posters, Pencils, Stickers, Door Hanger, Bookmarks, National School Counselor Week Signs

School Counselor Appreciation Messages

In the weeks leading up to National School Counseling Week, WSCA reached out to school administrators throughout the state and asked them one thing:

“Do you have any words of appreciation you would like to share with your school counselor(s)?”

We received so many wonderful responses, which we will be sharing throughout this week!