WSCPAR Training

WSCA’s new Accountability Training will assist you in finding, creating, using, and sharing data so it’s abundantly clear that your school counseling program is effective!  What is WSCPAR?  Click Here to learn more

Setting up a one day training is easy!!

$800 + travel expenses for the trainer

Our trainers try to be available all year

Marilyn Brink
5848 Osborn Drive
McFarland, WI 53558



Attendees will walk away ready to create their own Wisconsin School Counseling Program Accountability Report (WSCPAR).  See our archive of Award Recipients – Click Here
How is this related to the new Educator Effectiveness Model?
Although there is no Effectiveness Model specific to school counselors yet, WSCA is anticipating that it will be coming in the future.  Being able to produce a meaningful WSCPAR will provide school counselors with an artifact to use as evidence of their effectiveness.
Does the WSCPAR replace the SPARC-W?
Yes.  Although the documents are very similar, WSCA has developed a new rubric for the WSCPAR that is more specific to school counseling.
Do I need to submit my WSCPAR to WSCA for consideration for an award?
You do not need to submit your document to WSCA for scoring.  However, if you would like your program to be recognized by WSCA, then you do need to submit your document for scoring.
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