2017 Annual Conference


2016-2017 Great Lakes
WSCA Conference Scholarship

For nearly a decade, college access advisors from Great Lakes have teamed with high school counselors across Wisconsin to put more students on the path to college. We’ve seen first-hand how your guidance can be the determining – and often sole – factor in a student’s decision to enroll in postsecondary education. We applaud you, and to support the important work you do we’re pleased to sponsor scholarships for 25 counselors new to the profession to attend the 2017 WSCA Conference.

We value the professional development opportunities available at the conference, and we want more new counselors take advantage of them. It is our goal to eliminate financial barriers that may prevent a high school counselor from receiving the most recent updates on entrance exams, access programs, the UW-system and much more. Additionally, attending the conference allows you to meet engaged peers from across the state and build support networks to sustain your ongoing learning.

We encourage you to apply.

Scholarship eligibility requirements:

  • Wisconsin high school counselors with less than five years of experience.

Each scholarship is worth up to $850 and covers:

  • $275  WSCA Member Registration fees for Preconference & Conference
  • $400  Room at conference hotel (Hilton Monona Terrace) & Parking
  • $75    Meals stipend
  • $100  Travel stipend (up to selection committee discretion)

DIRECTIONS:  Complete the following application online (www.wscaweb.org).


Please direct questions to:  Stacy Eslick, WSCA Executive Director stacye@wscaweb.org

DEADLINE:  Applications must be submitted on or before Tuesday, November 15, 2016, at 5:00 p.m.   Late applications will not be accepted. WSCA will notify the winners and non-winners no later than Monday, November 28th.

PLEASE NOTE:  As a condition of receiving the grant, WSCA will ask scholarship recipients to:

  • Write a WSCAlink Newsletter article reflecting on their experience at the 2017 WSCA Conference and the impact on College & Career Readiness in their counseling program;
  • Submit all necessary registration paperwork by deadlines indicated in award notification.

Knowing that education has the power to change lives for the better, Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates was established as a nonprofit group in 1967 focused on a single objective: helping students nationwide prepare for and succeed in post-secondary education and student loan repayment.

Our group’s earnings support one of the largest and most respected educational philanthropy programs in the country. Since 2006, we have committed over $172 million in grant funding to promote higher education access and completion for students of color, low income students, and first-generation students – including our College Access Advising program for high school students throughout Wisconsin.