2022 Summer Academy

Workshop Details

Workshop Details


  • Solution-Focused Counseling
  • WSCPAR/RAMP Camp (Beginner and Advanced)

These full-day workshops will take allow you to take a deep dive into your chosen topic, and will focus on sharing tools you can implement right away.

Solution-Focused Counseling – Covering the Bases and Applying the Lessons in ONE DAY!

Presenter: Mark Gillen

Presentation Description:  The focus of this presentation is to assist those familiar with Solution Focused Counseling and are interested in brushing up on their training, going beyond the miracle question with their clients. The presentation will include a brief review of vital foundational skills that allow counselors to listen so they can really hear. Then explore Solution-Focused counseling foundations and applications to talk so others will listen. We will engage in SFC skill practice together, sharing feedback using solution-focused supervision techniques and exploring your client questions and concerns as you expand your knowledge and experience.

Others who have attended my sessions have said:

“The presentation was informative in a practical way. Dr. Gillen used humor and activity to engage the participants while simultaneously demonstrating the main concepts and applicability of SFC techniques. The case study and discussion session were valuable to delve deeper into the topic.”

“One of my best sessions yet and I have been coming for 12+ years! Thanks for all the practical suggestions and reminders.”

“This session really helped to reprogram my thinking about using a solution focused approach. I’m really excited to start using it more in my work with kiddos.”

“Thank you. I am inspired!”


Presenter: WSCA Leaders

Presentation Description: DATA FOR BEGINNERS (WSCPAR TRAINING) – Learn how completing a Wisconsin School Counseling Program Accountability Report (WSCPAR) can help you with writing SLOs, promoting your program, and utilizing data to show how your program is impacting students.  Your instructors will walk step-by-step through the data process and you will learn what makes an impactful graph, how to write SMART Goals (which can lead to SLOs), and more.  You’ll hear tips and suggestions about how to approach the process and how to submit your WSCPAR application (which can be submitted by November 22nd, 2021).

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED DATA IN PRACTICE FOR SCHOOL COUNSELORS – Are you ready for the next level of data use in practice?  Bring your existing data, or use our samples, and join your instructors to learn how to showcase your data.  Your instructors will guide you through how to analyze data, including working with MS Excel, creating graphs, presenting data to others, and how to effectively use data in your program.  This is for data-experienced counselors who want to dig deep and have ample work time to apply what they’ve learned.


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