2023 Summer Academy

Workshop Details

Workshop Details


  • School Avoidance, Anxiety, & Mental Health
  • ASCA Model Implementation

Not just kids get to have fun this summer; it’s time for you to head to camp – Summer Academy, aka “WSCA Camp,” that is!  Get all the fun, friends, and learning without sunburn or mosquitoes!

🥽 Take a deep dive and gain tools you can implement right away

🔥 In-depth workshops on school counseling’s hottest topics

CEU credit(s) available at no additional cost for the main workshop

Event is eligible for DPI’s Get Kids Ahead Initiative funding

Cabin A: The Kids Are Not Alright: Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Students

Camp Counselor: Ryan Fedoroff, M.Ed

Presentation Description: Numerous nationally recognized organizations have released recent data about the mental health of our students and the consensus is that the kids are not alright. Post-pandemic, as we strive to return to normalcy, it has become clearer that students are increasingly struggling academically, socially, and emotionally. Teachers, school counselors, and administrators face heightened demands to meet educational standards and the ever-evolving emotional needs of students. When severe, student mental health issues can lead to school avoidance, resulting in poor academic achievement and outcomes. In this workshop, through discussion and activities, educators will gain more insight into emotional issues that impact student performance, attendance, and behavior, will learn to recognize those signs and symptoms, discuss specific techniques for engaging our most struggling students, and develop tools to address school refusal and chronic absenteeism.

Biography:  Ryan Fedoroff brings more than 15 years of academic leadership and classroom experience to her role at Newport Academy. As an educator, she is passionate about working with high-risk adolescents and is trained in restorative practices. Ryan has also worked with the Marin County (California) Youth Court and is a member of various community organizations working to combat youth substance abuse.

In her current role and in her previous role as Newport’s National Director of Education, Ryan works alongside clinicians to create interventions to assist students dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. She also collaborates with special education teams to create protocols for managing classroom challenges for students dealing with auditory processing and executive functioning deficits.

Comments from folks who attended Ryan’s sectional at conference

“This speaker was incredibly knowledgeable and this topic so widespread- I could have used an entire day or a longer session for this one. More resources/professional development would be amazing!”

“Ryan was very well spoken and had great information. By the number of attendees in this session, you can see that is a big problem in our schools. It would be nice to have even more time to talk about this subject!”

“Really good, presentation! Well organized and great strategies!”

CEU credit(s) are available at no additional cost for psychologists*, therapists*, counselors*, and social workers* through Newport Healthcare.

More details will be provided at the event.

Cabin B: ASCA Implementation Camp​

Camp Counselor: Stacy Eslick

Presentation Description: Join us to learn the ins and outs of what is required to apply for the Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) and Wisconsin School Counseling Program Accountability Report (WSCPAR) awards. Your camp counselors will help you scout out tips and suggestions about how to approach the process and how to submit your applications. Take your school counseling program to the next level by attending this Model Implementation Camp.


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