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  • Gatekeepers of Knowledge: School Counselor Professional Development
  • Sign up for the 15th Annual Summer Academy   
  • Ripple Effects of the Pandemic:
    Essential Steps for Providing Successful Learning Environments
  • Leadership Academy Applications Open
  • Elementary Career Exploration
  • FAFSA Fast Facts Infographic
  • Counselink
  • Cyberbullying Resources
  • Supporting students in the transition to post secondary                                                      
  • Counseling Resources
  • Virtual Afternoon On the Hill
  • Group Counseling
  • School Counselor Professional Recognition
  • Conference Updates                              
  • Teach Parents to See their Kids as Problem-Solvers – Build Confidence to Beat Anxiety
  • Children’s Wisconsin Offers Mental and Emotional Health Resources at No Cost to Wisconsin Schools and Families
  • WSCA leaders welcome new DPI consultant Andrea Donegan
  • Leadership Academy Applications Open
  • Save the Date for the 15th Annual Summer Academy                                    
  • Engaging in Self Care and Personal Reflection: Applying Your Counseling Skills to Yourself
  • Self Care is Key
  • National School Counseling Week Breakfast Celebration Event!
  • Black Lives Matter at School Week
  • Online Learning – February Upcoming Sessions
  • Last Call for Preconference & Conference Proposals for November 2021                                                            
  • Strategies to Implement to Close Gender Behavior Referral Gaps
  • Gender Focus in School Counseling K12 Career Advising
  • School Counselor COVID Advocacy Tips & Position Statement
  • Online Learning – January Upcoming Sessions
  • Call for Preconference & Conference Proposals for November 2021                                                                                   


December 2020: Advocacy

December 2020
  • Achieving Results Following the ASCA Model
  • Supporting Students with School Anxiety During COVID-19
  • Board of Directors Position Application Open, Deadline 12/18
  • Online Learning - December Upcoming Sessions
  • Call for Preconference & Conference Proposals for November 2021
  • Scholarship Applications Close 12/21

November 2020: Mental Health Collaboration

November 2020
  • Board of Directors Position Application Open
  • Thinking Outside the Box to Create Sustainable Community Partnerships
  • ENDS Policy Update
  • November 2020 Counselink
  • Online Learning - November Upcoming Sessions
  • Call for Preconference & Conference Proposals for November 2021

October 2020: SEL

October 2020
  • Feature Article – Social Emotional Learning
  • No Fees Attached College Access Month
  • Coming Soon: The WSCA 2020-2021 Online Learning Subscription
  • Equitable Post-Secondary Access

September 2020: Grow Your Program

September 2020
  • Grow Your Program with the Annual Agreement!
  • Eliminating Racism and Bias in Schools: The School Counselor’s Role
  • ACP Updates and Resources from the WI DPI
  • College Goal Wisconsin 2020
  • Counselink Fall 2020

August 2020: Changing Times

August 2020
  • November 2020 Conference Cancelled
  • Member Needs Survey
  • Board Equity Learning Reflection

July 2020: AODA (Vaping)

July 2020
  • Special Announcement: Summer Academy Moves to Online Only
  • Feature Article – Teen Vaping: Is It Just a Bunch of Smoke?
  • DPI Proposed Changes to PI 34 Update
  • Special Announcement: WSCPAR Submission Suspended Temporarily
  • Sectional Presenters Needed! Submission Deadline Extended to July 12th!

June 2020: Special Edition - Racial Justice

June 2020
  • Messages of Commitment to Racial Equity and Social Justice from the WSCA Board and Executive Director
  • New Racial Equity Webpage on
  • Feature Article - Equity – Prioritizing Personhood
  • Special Feature - Doing the Work to Support My Students of Color
  • WSCA's Counselors of Color Special Interest Group

May 2020: Self Care and Summer Growth

May 2020
  • Reflecting on Self-Care & Social Justice
  • Self-Care: Through the Lens of the Wellness Wheel
  • Advocacy Update Briefing
  • Preconference Details Now Available!
  • Professional Recognition Highlights - School Counselor of the Year & School Counseling Team Awards

April 2020: Mental Health

April 2020
  • Living through a Future Chapter in a History Book
  • Teens & Trauma, A Need for Understanding
  • NEW- Counselor COVID 19 Website
  • 2020-2021 Conference Registration Opens
  • Professional Recognition & Scholarship Winner Highlights

March 2020: Supporting Students and Families in times of uncertainity

March 2020
  • Counseling Students in Times of Uncertainity
  • WSCA Office Updates
  • COVID 19 Resources
  • Leadership - More than a title

February 2020: Academic and Career Planning

February 2020
  • Connections: Together Towards Tomorrow
  • Equity and the Populations We Serve
  • 2020-2021 Board Slate
  • WSCA High School Xello/Method Test Prep Scholarship Winners
  • WSCA School Counselor of the Year Nominees

January 2020: Student Anxiety

January 2020
  • Anxious Behaviors - How to Help Students and Parents
  • Conference Sectionals, Keynote Introduction Video & More!
  • Educators Credit Union Scholarship
  • Afternoon On the Hill
  • WSCPAR Winners
  • NSCW - Resources and Webinar


December 2019: Time Sensitive Information & Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

December 2019
  • Important Deadlines: Conference Scholarship, Board Application, Professional Recognition, etc..
  • Message from DPI: Implementing SEL- Do No Harm
  • Special Feature: Childrens' Wisconsin Supports SEL in Schools
  • Feature Article: MLSS for Social Emotional Concerns

November 2019: Equity

November 2019
  • Feature Article: Equity- Prioritizing Personhood
  • What do the ASCA ethics say about equity?
  • FAFSA Student Level Data Survey Request
  • Equitible Career Development starts in elementary school

October 2019: Ethics

October 2019
  • ASCA Ethical Standards and the ASCA Model
  • Annual END's monitoring Report
  • Ready to Practice Your Leadership Skills on the WSCA Board?
  • Navigating Ethical Dilemma's

September 2019: Creative School Counseling

September 2019
  • A Message from DPI: Back to School 2019
  • BreakoutEDU for counselors
  • Preconference Sessions Announced
  • College Goal Wisconsin - FAFSA Completion

July/August 2019: Transition

July/August 2019
  • New WSCA Office and Staff
  • WSCA Board Updates
  • ASCA Model Journey
  • WSCPAR Changes

June 2019: Evidence Based Practices

June 2019
  • Reflecting on 2018-19
  • Evidence Based Counseling Practices
  • Special Summer Academy Member Pricing!

May 2019: Tips from the Field~ Managing Behavior

May 2019
  • Title IX the Cliff Notes®
  • Saying Yes to Yourself
  • Classroom Management - The School Counselor Top 10 List
  • Last Call: 2019-2020 Preconference Workshop Proposals Due!

April: Advocacy in the Field: School Counselor Role

April 2019
  • Stand  up for your Program Resources
  • Summer Academy- Special MEMBER Promotion
  • Action needed: Wisconsin Budget & DPI Perkins Survey

March: Social Emotional Learning

March 2019
  • Helping Homeless Students Succeed
  • Social Emotional Learning, One District’s Journey
  • FAFSA Student Level Data - WISEdash for Districts
  • Legislative Update - Action Needed: BUDGET Update
  • 2019-2020 Call for Preconference and Conference Presenters!

February: Equity in College and Career Planning

February 2019
  • Alumni Speak: What I needed from my School Counselor
  • Celebrating NSCW
  • FREE Career and College Planning Resources
  • DPI - Mental Health Funding Public Input

January: A Trauma Informed Approach to Challenging Behaviors

January 2019
  • Seeing Students Through a Trauma Informed Lens
  • National School Counseling Week
  • WSCA Board of Directors Election Slate
  • Power of Hope: WSCA Conference


December: Self Care

December: Self-Care
  • Time to Recharge
  • Stress & Self Care Resources
  • Conference Sectionals Released!

November: School Counselor: Role in School Safety

November 2018
  • School Counselor: Role in School Safety
  • WI Technical College Survey
  • WSCA's Got Talent

October: School Counselor Advocacy Resource

October 2018
  • School Counselor Advocacy Resource
  • Help Us Help You
  • Great Lakes Summer Melt Texting Program

September: A Flashlight is the Tool for Data

September 2018
  • A “Flashlight” is the Answer to Data Collection
  • Advocacy Alert!
  • FAFSA Completion Webinar

August: Keys to Collaboration

August 2018
  • Keys to Collaboration: Teaming Up with Teachers and Integrating Mindfulness
  • ESSA Funding Update
  • Digital Equity - Internet Discount Finder

July: Recharge Your Own Practice

July 2018
  • Recharge Your Own Practice: Professional Development That Has Made All the Difference
  • Social Emotional Learning Resources
  • Legislative Update

June: Making the Most of Summer

June 2018
  • A Summer Reading List for School Counselors
  • Legislative Update

May: Review Your Program’s Effectiveness

May 2018
  • Preparing to Review Your Program’s Effectiveness
  • Legislative Update
  • Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding Dates (shared from WiRSA)

April: Supporting College and Career Success

April 2018
  • Joint Board Chair and DPI Consultant Message
  • Counselors Supporting Student Success: RUSD’s Approach to Career Academies
  • Reflections on Afternoon on the Hill
  • 2018 Career Cruising (Xello) & Method Test Prep High School Scholarship Winners

March: Motivation and Success: How SC’s Support Student Achievement

March 2018
  • Membership Promo
  • Motivation & Success: School Counselors Support Student Achievement
  • Legislative Update

February: Being Present with Mindfulness

February 2018
  • Early College Credit Program
  • Mindfulness Practices for Emotional Regulation
  • WSCA Leadership Development Program
  • Xello and Method Test Prep High School Senior Scholarship Award Winners

January: WSCA Conference

January 2018
  • Board of Directors Elections
  • Advocacy Updates
  • Elementary-Age Self Regulation Tools
  • WSCPAR Program of Promise Award Winners
  • Conference Information - Requesting funds to attend conference
  • Committee Updates
  • WSCA Leaders Spotlight
  • Graduate Student Newsletter
  • Counselink Newsletter


Social Media Standards for Success

December 2017
  • To PD or Not to PD
  • Reflections on 2017
  • Login to the New Website
  • Recommendations for a Summer Melt Texting Program

Walk the Equity Talk

October 2017
  • Agents of Opportunity
  • Board Chair Message: Are You Coming On Board?
  • Completing a WSCPAR
September 2017

Organization and Time Management Hacks for Back to School

August 2017
  • Organizing Professional Development for 2017-2018

Career Counseling K-12

July 2017
  • Many Thanks and Upcoming Changes!
  • Career and the Elementary School Counselor: Building the Blocks for Future Career Exploration


February 2017
  • Assistant Board Chair Message - Board Directors Candidate Slate
  • DPI School Counseling Update - Winter 2017
  • Mindfulness Interventions in Schools
  • Incorporating Mindfulness into the Classroom: a Personal "How-to"

Welcome Back - We Missed You

January 2017
  • Executive Director Message - School Counselors - Answering the Call to be Leaders
  • Assistant Board Chair Message - WSCA Elections
  • Transitioning Back to School After a Long Absence
  • Results Data for the High School Counselor: Student Post-Secondary Enrollment and Retention Webinar


The Use of Social Media for Professional Development

December 2016
  • Board Chair Message - How We Respond Makes a Big Difference
  • DPI Corner - Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon
  • Using Social Media for Professional Development