Summer Academy 2021

August 9th, 2021 - Virtual

Welcome to the 15th Annual Summer Academy!

Wisconsin School Counselor Association 15th Annual Summer Academy

Virtual Attendance  |  Zoom

9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Monday, August 9th, 2021

Save the date for this classic WSCA event!

Get ready for the 2021-2022 return to school in our “new normal” by engaging in professional development at the 2021 WSCA Summer Academy! Take a deep dive into these full-day trainings sharing tools that you can implement right away.

Session Details

Planned Workshop Topics:

  • School Counselors as Leaders in Social Emotional Learning
  • Equitable Multi-Tiered Systems of Support in School Counseling
  • Solution Focused Counseling
  • Anxiety/Mental Health and Helping Students in School
  • Trauma Responsive Schools

Specific workshop details will be added below as presentations are finalized

Presenter: Linda S Metcalf

Counseling Toward Solutions - An Opportunity to Create Success in ALL Students

Presentation Description: Learn the basics of the solution focused approach as it directly applies to schools, grades K-12.

This workshop provides interactive exercise, and a means to help participants change their mindset in regard to school issues, many videos of real life case students are shown with information on how the process works. Participants will practice the approach as it applies to individual students, parents, RTI, team meetings and discipline strategies.

Presenter Bio: Linda Metcalf, M.Ed., PhD, LMFT is a former middle school teacher and certified school counselor. She is the author of Counseling Toward Solutions (1995, 2008, Wiley, 2019, KDP, 2021, Routledge), The Solution Focused School Climate (2020, KDP) and ten other books.  She is the creator of the Solution Focused Schools Unlimited podcast and the free, ongoing webinar series, Solution Focused Connection:  School Counseling Online, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  She has presented extensively in the United States, Australia, Japan, Newfoundland, Germany, Scotland, England, Norway, Amsterdam, Singapore, UK,  Canada, Thailand and more. Her website is

Trauma Responsive Schools

Presentation Description: This training will teach school professionals how to create trauma-informed schools and classrooms. The training focuses on resilience, exploring the core values and beliefs of educators and places an emphasis on understanding how trauma impacts children and their school experience. Lastly, proactive strategies such as fostering connections, prioritizing social and emotional skills, establishing safety and promoting play are presented. It will provide detailed information and concrete actions that answer not just the “why” but also the “how” to create the best classroom and school supports for traumatized students and the school professionals who serve them.

Presenter Bio: I am a Professional School Counselor at Jack Young Middle School in Baraboo, WI. I have been a Counselor in Baraboo for the past 13 years. I am a Certified Trauma and Resilience Coach along with a Trauma Trainer. I have been teaching five Trauma Courses through STARR for the past 3 years. I am a wife, mother of two boys, and a dog lover. I love hiking, being outside, and reading. I believe in self-care and am passionate about my work.

Presenter: Christina Olson
Presenter: Sarah Flier


Presentation Description: DATA FOR BEGINNERS (WSCPAR TRAINING) – Learn how completing a Wisconsin School Counseling Program Accountability Report (WSCPAR) can help you with writing SLOs, promoting your program, and utilizing data to show how your program is impacting students.  Your instructors will walk step-by-step through the data process and you will learn what makes an impactful graph, how to write SMART Goals (which can lead to SLOs), and more.  You’ll hear tips and suggestions about how to approach the process nd how to submit your WSCPAR application (which can be submitted by November 22nd, 2021).

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED DATA IN PRACTICE FOR SCHOOL COUNSELORS – Are you ready for the next level of data use in practice?  Bring your existing data, or use our samples, and join your instructors to learn how to showcase your data.  Your instructors will guide you through how to analyze data, including working with MS Excel, creating graphs, presenting data to others, and how to effectively use data in your program.  This is for data experienced counselors who want to dig deep and have ample work time to apply what you’ve learned.

Presenter Bio: Sarah Flier is an elementary school counselor in the Hudson School District.  She has been a school counselor for 14 years, with experience at the middle school level as well.  Her program at Willow River earned the Program of Promise 2017-2020 and she serves as an ASCA Model trainer as well as a co-director for the Data and ASCA Model committee.  She was the 2020 Wisconsin School Counselor of the Year and is a 2021 ASCA School Counselor of the Year Finalist.

Registration Information

Below you will find the registration prices listed. We have taken requests for more interaction between counselors and their administrators to heart and have decided to provide registration to attend any summer academy session(s) free of charge to your administrators. If you see a session (or a few) that seem like they would open up discussion and collaboration within your building, please encourage them to register!

Registration Fees:

WSCA Member – $20

Student – $15

Non-member – $35

Administrators – FREE

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