2012 Annual Conference

February 22-24, 2012

Monona TerraceMadison, WI

Passion Into Action

WSCA Annual Conference
February 22-24, 2012

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On behalf of the Wisconsin School Counselor Association Board I am happy to invite you to the 2012 WSCA Conference. This conference is known throughout the United States as one of the finest offered for school counselors and other pupil services professionals and I encourage you to take advantage of its many offerings.

What a year of changes! Little did I know when I spoke to you last year how many changes we would actually face. With change comes new beginnings and new adventures. The educators in this state have met these challenges head on, and none more so than our conference committee. Due to the closing of our long time conference site WSCA was forced to change our conference location and make tough decisions that impact our organization. The conference team handled this situation with a positive approach, viewing this as a great opportunity. I can’t wait to see how this change brings new growth and expansions to WSCA. A mentor of mine always liked to say, “The mark of a great leader is their ability to adjust.” This past year has forced many of us to make adjustments in many areas, both professionally and personally. I encourage you to find support and guidance for these changes at the 2012 WSCA conference. The annual WSCA Conference provides all of us the opportunity to refresh and refocus as a professional educator. It is a place where we learn from experts in the field and share ideas with colleagues. I encourage you to take advantage of our February conference to find the resources that will push you forward in implementing a Comprehensive School Counseling Program, while continuing to move your passion for students into action.

I look forward to seeing you at the 2012 WSCA conference in our new location! Let’s take time to share and explore how we have chosen to move our profession forward and all the adventures of the past year.

– Angela Buchenauer
WSCA President 2011-2012

Wisconsin Education Standards

The WSCA Conference supports the following Wisconsin Pupil Service Professional, Teacher, and Administrator Standards:

  • Pupil Services Professional Standards – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7
  • Teacher Standards – 2, 3, and 8
  • Administrator Standards – 1, 3, and 5

NBCC Contact Hours

The National Certified Counselor (NCC) is a voluntary national certification designed to identify those counselors who have met national standards set by members of the counseling profession. NBCC contact hours will be awarded for school and licensed professional counselors. NBCC forms will be signed in the WSCA office after the President’s brunch on Friday.