Dept of Public Instruction


The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is the state agency that advances public education and libraries in Wisconsin. The department is headed by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, a nonpartisan, constitutional officer elected every four years. The agency was created in 1848, the year Wisconsin attained statehood when the state constitution provided for the establishment of local school districts and a free education for all children in the state.

DPI consists of the Office of the Superintendent and five divisions: the Division for Academic Excellence, the Division for Finance and Management, the Division for Learning Support, the Division for Libraries and Technology, and the Division for Student and School Success.

The Student Services/Prevention and Wellness Team is part of the Division for Learning Support and houses the School Counseling Education Consultant: Andréa Donegan.

The consultant is responsible for the provision of  expert leadership, consultation, and technical assistance activities to local school districts, state and local agencies, parents and interest groups regarding comprehensive school counseling programs and collaborative pupil services. Included in these responsibilities is updating and maintaining DPI’s school counseling webpage, providing leadership and consultative assistance to colleges and universities, professional organizations and other interest groups regarding pre-service preparation, continuing professional development for school counseling personnel, and serving as liaison to WSCA.

The WI DPI has many resources available to you as school counselors.  One of the most asked for resources is the Out of State Pathway to Licensing.  Please visit the DPI website for this and all of your other licencing questions.