Educators Credit Union Scholarship


$70,000 in Scholarships for High School Seniors


WSCA is proud to announce our continued partnership with Educators Credit Union! 

ECU is a local, not-for-profit financial cooperative owned by their members. Explore all the ways they can serve you and your financial needs at

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Know a high school senior who could use $2,000 for college? 

Part of the Educators Credit Union mission is, of course, education! As part of ECU’s dedication to that mission, they believe it is important to help students in their learning journeys through the ECU scholarship program.

This year, ECU is giving $70,000 in scholarship money to students heading off to college. Thirty-five current high school seniors will be selected to receive $2,000!

Scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors based on their academic record, participation in school and community activities, and their demonstration of one or more of Educators Core Values:


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Visit the ECU website for information on deadlines & eligibility.
Educators Credit Union Company Bio: 

Started in March 1937 in Racine as the Racine Teachers Credit Union, Educators was started because there was no place for teachers to save or borrow money. The teachers solved this problem by forming a financial cooperative called a credit union.A credit union is a non- profit, member-owned financial cooperative. It’s completely understandable if you’re thinking, “OK, what does all that mean?”Here are the answers to that question, and the more important one, “what does that all mean for you?”

  • Non-profit — Educators doesn’t have shareholders clamoring for ever-increasing profits. That means we can keep our fees low and our rates competitive.
  • Member-owned — When you join Educators, you’re not a customer. You are a member-owner. Member-owner sounds like a pretty good title, doesn’t it? It’s certainly better than customer.
  • Financial cooperative — People joining together for their mutual economic benefit. That is the most basic meaning of a financial cooperative, and you can see it in action at Educators. Members earn money with competitive rates on savings and save money with low or no fees. The credit union responsibly lends money to members who need it.
  • What that means to you — Members come first.

That’s right, all the fancy ideas above boil down to that one statement. For more than 76 years, we have developed a bond with our members, helping them make good financial decisions and keeping their money safe. Our commitment to our members is the same today as it was when the credit union was established in 1937.

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