On behalf of the Wisconsin School Counselor Association, welcome to the WSCA 59th Annual Conference!

Join us for our 2023-2024 Annual Conference, where we will be on Team WSCA!  We know this will be another stellar conference with professional development, personal growth, and networking.

The Wisconsin School Counselor Association is proud to be a nationally recognized leader due to our fantastic conference and outstanding members. 

We have worked hard this year to have our schedule ready for you early, so that your excitement can build all summer long!  Be sure to check out our sectionals schedule for a view of all the amazing topics we have prepared for you.

Keynote Speakers

Principal Kafele

November 2nd, 2023
Opening Keynote
Just One Counselor Can Completely Alter the Trajectory of a Child - So many children arriving to school every morning are coming from home and neighborhood environments that present challenges that are so overwhelming that the children simply cannot make the correlation between effort in school today and success in their lives later on. There is a desperate need then for positive relationships with key adults in the building that are so powerful that the student concludes that success will be his / her reality. In this keynote address, Principal Kafele will make the case to school counselors that they are amongst those individuals who can nurture powerful relationships with students that completely alter their trajectories toward attaining success.
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Dr. Mylien Duong

November 3rd, 2023
Closing Keynote
The Psychology of Polarization: Strategies for Addressing Political Polarization through Social-Emotional Learning - Our nation is grappling with deep divisions. As school counselors, we have a unique role to play in fostering a more harmonious and inclusive society. One powerful tool in our toolkit is social emotional learning (SEL), which can bridge the divide and promote understanding and empathy among individuals with differing political ideologies. This keynote will begin by exploring the development of moral reasoning in children and adults, and how this development is shaped by factors such as our shared evolutionary heritage, cultural upbringing, and unique life experiences. By understanding the foundations of moral reasoning, we can better comprehend how individuals form their beliefs and values, and how these beliefs may differ based on their background and experiences.
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