On behalf of the Wisconsin School Counselor Association, welcome to the 60th WSCA Annual Conference!

Join us for our 2024-2025 Annual Conference, where we will be Catching the Wave!  We know this will be another stellar conference with professional development, personal growth, and networking.

The Wisconsin School Counselor Association is proud to be a nationally recognized leader due to our fantastic conference and outstanding members. 

We have worked hard to have our Preconference and Sectional schedules ready for you early, so that your excitement can build all summer long!  Be sure to check them out for a view of all the amazing topics we have prepared.

We can’t wait to see you in November!

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Lori Desautels

November 7, 2024
Opening Keynote
Our Journey Through the Developing Nervous System as We Rewire Our Perceptions of Discipline --- In this presentation, we will explore how our nervous systems are impacted by adversity, trauma, and experiences of resiliency through deepened connections and sensory regulation. Behaviors are only signals or indicators that the brain and body are struggling in survival states of functioning. In our time together, we will explore how we get out in front of the behavior through our procedures, routines, and transitions. We will also explore the differences between co-regulation and coercive regulation which is the foundation of discipline practices that move us through challenging moments while attending to our emotional, social, and physiological health.
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Dr. William T. L. Cox

November 8, 2024
Closing Keynote
Harnessing Cognitive-Behavioral Science to Develop Effective Diversity Interventions: 16 Years of the Bias Habit-Breaking Training --- Research consistently shows that non-scientific bias, equity, and diversity trainings do not work, and often make bias and diversity problems worse. Despite these widespread failures, there is considerable reason for hope that effective, meaningful DEI efforts can be developed, if we draw on the science of cognitive-behavioral change. One approach in particular, the bias habit-breaking training, has 16 years of experimental evidence demonstrating its widespread effectiveness and efficacy. In this presentation, Dr. Cox will elaborate on how his team applied diversity science to develop and test this intervention approach, and share a selection of research findings showing how science-informed diversity interventions like the bias habit-breaking training can create lasting, meaningful impacts on individual and institutional outcomes.
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