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The Wisconsin School Counselor Association

School Counselors are essential to the lifelong learning and success of all students.

Wisconsin School Counselor Association VISION   

Our vision is for Wisconsin to be the model for excellence in school counseling practice, exemplified by the advocacy, leadership, and expertise of the members of the WSCA.  

WSCA’s membership of 1200+ represents well over 50% of the professional school counselors in Wisconsin. Focused on providing quality professional development opportunities, supporting comprehensive school counseling programs, and giving one voice to professional school counselors, WSCA is dedicated to empowering school counselors throughout the state.

WSCA’s Goals (ENDS)

Conditions exist so the Wisconsin School Counselors will practice with the highest level of effectiveness.

  1. School counselors (active and pre-service) will be knowledgeable about effective school counseling practices.
    1. School counselors are knowledgeable about the development, implementation and evaluation of comprehensive school counseling programs.
    2. School counselors are knowledgeable about current ethical and professional practices and their application.
    3. School counselors are knowledgeable about current trends in school counseling and education.
      1. School counselors are actively engaged in state and national initiatives that impact the school counseling profession.
    4.  School counselors are knowledgeable about leadership and advocacy principles.
    5. School counselors are knowledgeable about equity and culturally responsive practices.
  2.  Key Stakeholders (including but not limited to) school administrators, policy makers, and community members will understand the impact made by the school counselor implementing a comprehensive school counseling program.

Click here to download the WSCA Bylaws (PDF, 31KB)

WSCA Strategic Plan

The WSCA Directors of Operations are currently in the process of developing a five year Strategic Plan.

ASCA Position Statements

The American School Counselor Association Position Statements cover a wide range of topics, and describe the rationale for school counseling program interventions in each of these areas. The ASCA Position Statements are a valuable reference for school counselors, parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and the press.

On a rotating basis, position statements are updated annually at the ASCA delegate assembly, a gathering of representatives from each of the state school counseling associations.
Wisconsin sends two school counselor leaders to the annual delegate assembly held in conjunction with the ASCA Annual Conference.

View ASCA Position Statements

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