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  1. WSCA Position Statements and Projects (Including the Brown Bag Collaboration Lunch Series)
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WSCA Position Statements and Projects

The leadership of WSCA wears the burden during times of crisis and peace alike the need to be your source for accurate, ethical, and supportive positions and materials.  With this in mind, we have worked on creating a number of tools for you to use during this unprecedented time in our lives.

Counseling During Covid-19 Website

We are especially proud to have collaborated with the California Association of School Counselors in creating an extremely comprehensive and well laid out website that hosts an enormous wealth of content.  Though we have this current page as a resource, we recommend using this newly created website for the majority of your needs, as it has been tirelessly created by counselors, experts, and task forces dedicated to this one goal.



WSCA Virtual Brown Bag Collaboration Lunch Series

WSCA has been hard at work investigating the topics that you have told us are most important to you right now.  3 times a week our executive director is getting together with colleagues and experts to virtually connect and collaborate during the lunch hour.

Join us for a topic that is already set by using the registration links in the document below.  If you don’t see a topic that you would really like us to dig into, reach out to Stacy Eslick at to recommend it.

If you have joined us for a brown bag collaboration previously, you can find the notes and resources documents linked towards the bottom of the document.


WSCA Position Statement

Due to the unprecedented nature of our current situation, we at WSCA strove to jump on the ball and make sure you knew our positions on key topics as the nature of our counseling positions changed with the closure of schools.  The leadership of our association created this position statement regarding Counselors Virtually Communicating with Students and Families during the COVID-19 crisis to help you know your boundaries and expectations.



Other WSCA Projects

Here you will find any other WSCA created material that may help you in the journey of providing high level counseling practice during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Making Connections: Supporting Families Virtually 

Making Connections Resource Materials

WSCA’s Tips for Successful Virtual School Counseling

WSCA will continue to work on these special projects and content that we believe is important and helpful to our state’s school counselors for as long as the Covid-19 outbreak is affecting our world.  If you need additional support that you do not see on this web-page, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or 608-204-9825.


News Blotter


National Resources

ASCA Resources on Coronavirus:

ASCA Resource Guides on Virtual Counseling:

National Resources:


Wisconsin Resources

Department of Public Instruction

Governor’s Office


Other Wisconsin Resources


Other Resources


Affects of the Coronavirus Outbreak

College Readiness

Emergency Contacts

Financial/Quality of Life

Lesson Plans and At-Home Learning Support

Mental Health (Adults)

Mental Health (Children)

Special Populations


WSCA is providing free access to many of our publications, resource materials, and ongoing support to PreK-12 educators during this time of unrest. This is in an effort to provide counselor workforce advocacy, address Covid-19, and most recently to support awareness and education in regards to racial inequities and civil unrest. Though we do these things with an open heart and in an effort to share awareness and access to valuable resources, they do take time and money to implement. If you have found value in these efforts, please consider supporting WSCA with a membership (affiliate memberships available for those who are not practicing school counselors).