2019 Annual Conference

Call for Sectional Presenters

Are you interested in presenting a session at the 2019 Wisconsin School Counselors Conference?

We want you to share your expertise.  WSCA encourages all practicing school counselors to submit a proposal to present a sectional at the 2019 conference.  Submit as an individual or with a colleague.

We are especially looking for experienced school counselors to present advanced level sectionals.  If your advanced level sectional is chosen – you will receive a $25 off coupon* for conference attendance, in addition to the automatic $30 discount for presenters! (*limit 2 per sectional).  

Deadline for submitting Sectional Proposal Forms for 2019 Wisconsin School Counselors Conference: November 9, 2018. By mid-December, you will receive notification of the status of your proposal. Please do not contact the Wisconsin School Counselors Association before the end of November since the speaker committee reviews will not be concluded before then.

Submittal Tips:

Please note ALL items below in RED are REQUIRED FIELDS to submit the Sectional Proposal Form. Make sure you have data in all required fields.

If you are on a MAC – the recommended browser is Safari. We have experienced trouble with other MAC browsers. 99% of the MAC issues have been resolved by simply using Safari.

The most common issue with submitting is the last question on the form
– do you have a co-presenter?

No Co-presenter select No and submit your form.

Yes – Co-presenter – moves to the second page of the form to enter Co-presenter info. Once you get to the Co-presenter screen, your form has been saved. This means WSCA Staff can add your co-presenter or push your submittal through if you having issues.

You must finish the form in one sitting as the data will not be stored in the form.

If you need technical support on your submission, please email admin@wscaweb.org.

All other questions should be directed to the Conference Sectionals Coordinator, Paula Haugle at sectionals@wscaweb.org

Sectional Proposal Submisson has now closed