Equity in Action Nomination 2023-2024

Equity in Action

This award is meant to recognize an individual school counselor or group of counselors who has made significant contributions to the advancement of equity in education for students in Wisconsin.

*The individual counselor nominated, or at least one member of a team nominated, must be a member of WSCA to be eligible to win.*

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • reducing disproportionality in school discipline
  • reducing disproportionality in grades and graduation rates
  • increase attendance and school engagement for opportunity youth
  • increase access and opportunities for career exploration and post secondary readiness for underserved minority and/or ethnically diverse youth
  • advancing culturally responsive social emotional learning practices
  • advancing equity through a focus on school culture and climate

Nomination Questions:

1) Describe how the counselor(s) demonstrated leadership, advocacy, and collaboration to achieve systemic change to create equitable practices in the school community.

2) Describe the impact the school counselor(s) has had on education equity outcomes (provide supporting data, examples).

Nomination Instructions:

Fill out the form below to submit your nomination online.


DEADLINE:  September 15, 2023


Questions? Contact Marianne Matt, WSCA Professional Recognition & Scholarship Director, at scholarship@wscaweb.org