2015 Annual Conference

February 17-19, 2015

Monona TerraceMadison, WI

2015 Conference Sponsors

2015 Conference Highlights

  • 150 attendees for the ACP Pre-Conference with Dr. Gregg Curtis! School Counselors are recognizing the significance we will play in this state mandate and we’re getting ready to answer the call!
  • Lots of exhibitors! Companies that have resources that could help us in our practice come back year after year because school counselors take advantage of multiple resources to assist our students and families.
  • Our State Superintendent Tony Evers acknowledged the importance of school counselors in our schools. He even said, “The WSCPAR is a stroke of genius for [WSCA] in showing accountability.”
  • Over 80 sessions offered! Many of the sessions were given by practicing school counselors sharing what is working for them so that we can all benefit from each others brilliance!
  • Cake and champagne celebration of 50 years for WSCA!!!! From the looks of the photo booth pictures, people did a great job of unwinding after a full day of professional development.
  • Minnijean Brown Trickey. She’s living history, and her speech was challenging. Two big takeaways. FIrst, many of us are not aware of significant moments in the history of the U.S. related to African Americans. Second, “If African-Americans don’t live where you are, there is probably a reason.” To address both of those challenging statements, you may want to take a look at this brief history of African-Americans in Wisconsin: http://goo.gl/LoCjBY
  • Paul Wesselman, one of keynotes for next year, wants to hear from us now so he can take all year getting ready for us. Paul has offered to provide a special inspirational treat to any of our members who connect with him after THIS year’s conference. Send a blank email to WSCA@UnleashRipples.com (and no spammy stuff, he promises!).
  • Read Marcus Engel’s WSCA Conference Blog posting titled, School Counselors and Silver Bulletshttps://marcusengel.com/school-counselors-silver-bullets/

WSCA Turns 50!

WSCA 2015 Annual Conference
‘Fifty Years of Commitment to Excellence’
February 17-19, 2015

At this year’s conference we’re going to celebrate our association! Since 1965, Wisconsin School Counselors have organized as professionals through WSCA to become the highly-qualified practitioners we are today.

A lot has changed in 50 years, especially our collective ability to speak “data.” We use evidence-based practices and data to guide programming. The WSCA Board of Directors has created a strategic plan with a strong focus on helping school counselors harness the power of data in our school counseling programs. One of the ways we can show the impact of our programs is with the Wisconsin School Counseling Program Accountability Report (WSCPAR-formerly the SPARC-W).

To learn more about this and other WSCA strategic plan learning initiatives, please join us at WSCA’s celebratory 50th Anniversary conference on February 17-19 at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison. If you plan to stay in a local hotel, please ask about the WSCA reserved block. We are always looking for presentations from practicing school counselors at all levels, so please consider submitting a session proposal.

I look forward to celebrating our 50th Anniversary with you in February in Madison!

Kelly Curtis
WSCA President 2014-15

Wisconsin Education Standards

The WSCA Conference supports the following Wisconsin Pupil Service Professional, Teacher, and Administrator Standards:

  • Pupil Services Professional Standards – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7
  • Teacher Standards – 2, 3, and 8
  • Administrator Standards – 1, 3, and 5

NBCC Contact Hours

The National Certified Counselor (NCC) is a voluntary national certification designed to identify those counselors who have met national standards set by members of the counseling profession. NBCC contact hours will be awarded for school and licensed professional counselors. NBCC forms will be signed in the WSCA office after the President’s brunch on Friday.