2022-2023 Annual Conference

Conference App

Access to the app for current conference registrations will be available starting 09/26/2022

Eventsential is the official mobile app with desktop access for the WSCA 2022-2023 Annual Conference.

With Eventsential, you can take advantage of features that’ll help you make the most of your time and keep you informed about the latest event happenings:

  • Notifications – view event alerts and up-to-the-minute information
  • Schedule – search sessions and speakers, create your own itinerary, download handouts, take notes, and make personal appointments
  • Exhibitors & Sponsors – search, filter, mark who to visit, take notes, and contact exhibitors & sponsors 
    • Exhibitor Scavenger Hunt Game – use the QR scan function within the app to play an exhibitor scavenger hunt with the chance to win prizes!
  • Maps – view floor plans and maps
  • Event Details – access destination information, complete surveys, and more
  • Directory – create your own profile and search for and message other attendees
  • Share Digital Business Cards – connect without the need to swap physical cards by using the QR scan function within the app
  • Timeline – view and swap ideas, photos, and lessons learned with other attendees
  • Twitter – engage with other attendees by posting and viewing the event stream
  • Leaderboard – work your way to the top of the interaction leaderboard by posting, commenting, and liking on the timeline!

Once you’re registered for conference, here are the steps to take to get connected on the app:


To log in to this event on your desktop, use the link below, and when prompted, enter your email connected to your conference registration.



(You should have received an invitation email with personalized links to access the app, but if you missed it, follow the steps below to access the content)

Step 1: Head to the app store on your device

Step 2: Search for “Eventsential” and download the app to your device

Step 3: Once in the app, search for “WSCA”, then select the “WSCA 2022-2023 Annual Conference” event

Step 4: Enter your email connected to your conference registration to gain access to the app

Once you’re connected to the app, be sure to do these 3 things:

  1. Login and create your profile
  2. Browse the schedule and build your itinerary (the itinerary building is informational only, it does not reserve a space for you in a particular session)
  3. Start sharing your excitement for the WSCA 2022-2023 Annual Conference in the timeline!