2022-2023 Annual Conference

Conference Charity


“Helping First Responders Comfort Children-In-Crisis”

REACH-A-Child • MADISON, WI • 608-285-5221 • reachachild.org

WSCA’s chosen conference charity for the 2022-2023 annual conference is REACH-A-Child.


REACH-A-Child provides children’s books and drawstring backpacks to First Responders around Wisconsin, so they can better comfort children in crisis situations.

Children often can face long-term, adverse psychological effects as a result of traumatic events like car accidents, domestic disturbances, and fires. First Responders are generally the first to come in contact with children when these unfortunate events occur and have the first chance to step in and offer support and help. REACH-A-Child works with community supporters to ensure the REACH BAG program is provided to First Responder Departments at no cost.