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The mission of WSCA is to advance the profession of school counseling in preschool through post-secondary in order to maximize the academic performance, career planning, and personal/social growth of every student.



Keynote Speaker Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013

"Ten Things you Absolutely Need to Know to Maintain your Sanity while working with People"

Dr. Lawana Gladney

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Dr. Lawana Gladney
Emotional Wellness Doctor, CEO - Emotional Wellness, Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Life Expert, Founder / Executive Director - Six Million Dollar Women’s Club

Have you been searching for that competitive edge that will help you stand out in the crowd and reach the top? The secret is learning how to manage your emotions. The most successful people have mastered the art of logic vs. emotions. This session helps audiences discover how to think logically and make powerful decisions that will propel them to the top. The strategies learned can be implemented immediately for life changing results.

Dr. Lawana Gladney is a renowned speaker, author, and emotional wellness doctor who shares her message of emotional health and wellness with audiences across the nation. Like many women, she has a career, an advanced education, is a successful business owner, and mother of four children. And like the typical woman, she has juggled all of these things while dealing with the emotional drainage of life’s everyday issues.

Formerly an elementary, middle schoolteacher, and college professor, Dr. Gladney developed many programs and spent several years researching the concepts of motivation and emotional wellness, and is a true expert in her field. Her ability to connect with the audience coupled with her energetic style is an explosive combination that leaves the audience forever changed.

As CEO of Emotional Wellness, Inc. and as the emotional wellness expert, Dr. Gladney has presented speeches and training sessions throughout North America to educational institutions, businesses, organizations and churches. Some of her clients include Pitney Bowes, Brinker International, Federal Aviation Administration, IBM, AT& T, Texas Instruments, Freddie Mac, Zig Ziglar Corp, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Coast Guard, Meeting Professional International and many others. She is a television personality and has been a co-host of a cable show and an expert for Fox 4.

She has been featured in the Dallas Morning News as well as other national magazines and radio programs. She was featured on the Michael Baisden Radio Show and appeared as a guest expert for Baisden After Dark national talk show. She was been featured in, In Touch magazine to offer advice to celebrities such as Tom and Katie Cruise, and Brad and Angelina. She has also contributed to articles for several magazines and as an author, she has written four books and co-authored four. Her areas of expertise include, emotional wellness, intrinsic motivation and learning, leadership, stress management, and work/life balance. In addition to being a speaker, author and trainer, she is a true leader and visionary. As the founder and past president of Young Educated Sisters (Y.E.S., Inc.), an organization established to help deter teenage pregnancy through empowerment, which after 12 years in existence has a 99% success rate. She is also the founder and executive director of a non-profit organization for women, The Six Million Dollar Woman’s Club. She also has served on the board of National Speakers Association North Texas and the board of Meeting Professionals International D/FW chapter and was the recipient of Rising Star Award.

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Brunch Speaker Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013

"Discovering Your Memory Power and Reading Smart"

Roger Seip
Roger Seip
Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Co-Founder, Freedom Personal Development
Madison, WI

The school counseling profession demands that we acquire and remember a wealth of knowledge including, student information, school data, meetings, appointments ...and most importantly, names. A simple slip of the mind can result in wasted time, diminished relationships and credibility.
Fortunately, there is a solution. Train your memory and mind! A more powerful mind and memory provides many benefits including less stress, higher productivity, and a boost in confidence.

In this keynote, Roger will demonstrate memory techniques to help you remember: names and faces, presentations (without notes), to-do lists, student information, and important details from books, meetings and conversations. In addition to increasing your memory power, you will learn techniques to Read Smart. Reading Smart is a great way for busy school counselors and educators to learn time saving strategies to read faster, comprehend more, concentrate better and retain information more easily. You will learn your current reading speed and tips to immediately improve your reading speed without losing comprehension.

During this keynote, you will be amazed! You will walk away with several ideas on how a more powerful memory and improved reading skills will help you be more effective and reduce stress. One participant said it best, “Very helpful and insightful. It was a relaxed environment and we were given tools to practice and implement into our daily routines. I’m looking forward to growth, knowledge and a bit of down time for personal reading! Thanks!”

When it comes to breaking records, Roger Seip walks the talk. In November of 1996, Eric Plantenberg and Roger Seip took their passion for helping people succeed and turned it into a company , Freedom Personal Development. Freedom Personal Development has consistently grown and broken records for 10 straight years.

Roger has personally delivered professional programs to more than 1,500 companies and has been a featured speaker for organizations such as the National Association of REALTORS®, Harley Davidson, and Northwestern Mutual. Drawing on his 8 years as a stand-up comic, Roger brings a humorous energy to every presentation, so much so that participants have been known to laugh themselves right off their chairs.

Roger’s programs educate and entertain, while repeatedly proving to make lasting improvements in his clients’ personal and professional lives. After experiencing him once, you’ll understand why thousands of business professionals have turned to Roger to guide them to a new level of personal greatness!

When he’s not in front of an audience or building his company, Roger enjoys being a husband of one, daddy of two, and catching humongous fish.

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Full-Day Preconference Workshop
Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013

"Using Reality Therapy to Enhance Student Achievement"

Dr. Sylinda Gilchrist BanksDr. Sylinda Gilchrist Banks
Assistant Professor - Counselor Education Program, Norfolk State University
Norfolk, VA

This interactive workshop explores strategies to help students make wise choices, take control over their lives and make connections to build successful relationships. Participants will learn how to teach students to take responsibility for their behavior using Choice Theory/Reality Therapy principles. Participants will complete several experiential activities. Discover how to teach students the process of self-evaluation and goal setting to help them be successful. Learn how choice theory/reality therapy strategies can be implemented in an individual and/or group counseling session. Participants will learn how to teach these strategies to students, teachers, and parents!

Sylinda Gilchrist Banks, Ed.D., is an assistant professor in the counselor education program at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from George Mason University, and her doctoral degree from George Washington University. After several years as a mental health therapist, Sylinda became a special education teacher. She also served as a high school counselor for over 6 years, as well as a school counseling director at an alternative high school. Before becoming a counselor educator, Sylinda served as the School Counseling Specialist at the Virginia Department of Education. While working at the Virginia Department of Education, she developed an accountability model entitled S.O.A.R.I.N.G to assist school counselors with program development and accountability. She is certified in Choice Theory/Reality therapy and is an instructor for the William Glasser Institute. Her publications include a resource guide entitled, Choice Theory: Using Choice Theory and Reality Therapy to Enhance Student Achievement and Responsibility, also she co-authored The Virginia Professional School Counseling Manual, as well as numerous articles. She has conducted over 70 workshops locally, regionally, and nationally on program development, accountability, self-care, effective communication skills, and choice theory and reality therapy. Sylinda is serving as the President of the American School Counselor Association.


Full-Day Preconference Workshop
Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013

"School Counselors: Negotiating the Legal and Ethical Complications of Working with Minors in Schools "

Dr. Carolyn StoneDr. Carolyn Stone
Author, Professor of Counselor Educator, University of North Florida

The school environment poses competing interests between a student’s need for confidentiality and the legal rights of parents as established by the U.S. Supreme Court to be the guiding voice in their children lives in value-laden issues. Participants will develop an ethical decision making framework for analyzing and resolving ethical issues through the application of ASCA ethical codes, case and statutory law, school board rules, and community standards. Through small group and large group discussion of 40 case studies, participants will be given the opportunity to increase their understanding of the complexities of respecting a minor’s right to confidentiality, to develop a sensitivity to the need to consider their actions in context of each situation for each individual student, and to understand the rights of parents. Topics of discussion will include areas such as confidentiality and duty to warn, minors’ rights to privacy, counselors’ responsibilities toward suicidal children, civil and criminal liability, sexually active minor clients, birth control, abortion counseling, defamation, child abuse, HIV positive students, case notes and educational records, malpractice in academic advising, sexual harassment, the Hatch Amendment and guidance curriculum, and personal conduct.

Carolyn Stone is a Professor of Counselor Educator at the University of North Florida where she teaches and researches in the area of school counselors and accountability and legal and ethical issues. Prior to becoming a counselor educator in 1995, Carolyn spent 22 years with the Duval County Public Schools in Jacksonville, Florida where she served as a middle school teacher, elementary and high school counselor and Supervisor of Guidance for 225 counselors. Carolyn was the 2006 President of the American School Counselor Association, and is in her eighth year as their Ethics Co-Chair. She was awarded the Mary Gerke Lifetime Achievement Award by ASCA in 2010. Carolyn is a past President of the Florida Counseling Association and the Florida Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors. Carolyn has delivered over 400 workshops in 49 states and 16 countries. She has authored three books, dozens of journal articles and serves the courts as an expert witness. Her professional path in elementary and high school counseling, middle school teaching, Supervisor of Guidance for the nation’s seventeenth largest school district, and counselor educator has prepared her with firsthand experience and understanding of the professional world of school counselors.





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