2015 Summer Academy

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CESA 6 Conference CenterOshkosh, WI

Summer Academy 2015
Data Boot Camp or Academic and Career Plans (ACPs)

Offering Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Learning Levels

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (includes lunch)
CESA 6 Conference Center
2300 State Road 44 | Oshkosh, WI 54904

Thank you to Our Sponsors!

Co-Sponsor and Host Site CESA 6!
ASVAB – Career Exploration Program

If you would like to learn about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Paula Haugle at: hauglep@elmwood.k12.wi.us

Registration Fees:

Click Here to Print the registration form & mail, e-mail, or fax it to us [registration is closed]

One Graduate Credit will be offered through Viterbo University for $110.00 – Course payment & registration are seperate from the workshop registration. Click Here to Print the registration form. [registration is closed]

Not just kids get to have fun this summer; it’s time for you to head to camp – WSCA Camp, that is! When you register for camp, make sure to choose the right “Cabin” to suit your summer camp goals. We can’t promise you bonfires and canoeing, but we can promise you’ll learn all the ins and outs of applying for WSCPAR, data in practice, or Academic and Career Plans. And, since all the training is inside, you don’t have to worry about mosquitoes!

Cabin A: Data for Beginners (WSCPAR Training)
Learn how completing a Wisconsin School Counseling Program Accountability Report (WSCPAR) can help with writing SLOs, promoting your program, and utilizing data to show how your program is impacting students. Your camp counselor will walk step by step through the data process and you will learn what makes an impactful graph, how to write SMART Goals (which can lead to SLOs), and more. You’ll scout out tips and suggestions about how to approach the process and how to submit your WSCPAR application.

Cabin B: Intermediate / Advanced Data in Practice for School Counselors
Are you ready for the next level of data use in practice? Bring your existing data, or use our samples, and join your camp counselors to learn how to showcase your data. Your camp counselors will guide you through how to analyze data including working with MS Excel, creating graphs, presenting data to others, and how to effectively use data in your program. This is for serious campers who want to get away from the craft table and into the ropes course with ample work time to apply what you’ve learned.

Cabin C: Academic and Career Plans (ACPs) for Wisconsin
Attention campers – in the 2017 – 18 school year, school districts will be required to ensure that all students in grades 6 – 12 receive academic and career planning services (ACPs). The ACP process braids multiple educational initiatives together, providing a vision for ensuring students graduate with a solid plan for their futures. Join your DPI camp counselors for a comprehensive overview of ACP history/research, project implementation to date, and opportunities for campers to map out an implementation process for their districts.

This Summer Leadership Academy offers something for everyone – all levels – to improve your skills and your school counseling program.

Gather your District team now, and register to attend!

Have s’more questions about WSCA CAMP?
Please contact Camp Director Paula Haugle at hauglep@elmwood.k12.wi.us