WSCPAR Online Application

2022-2023 WSCPAR Application

If you wish to submit a WSCPAR to the Wisconsin School Counselor Association WSCPAR committee for professional review and award recognition, please follow the directions and requirements delineated below.

The WSCPAR, application, and all supporting materials must be submitted via the online application form by Monday November 20, 2023.

Application Form Requirements:

Use this checklist as you are compiling your application data

General Information
  1. School and Counselor Contact Information
  2. Elected Official Names
  3. Local Newspaper & Contact Information
Counselor Reflection Statements
  1. Explain the process you or your team engaged in to complete the WSCPAR and a distribution plan for your document.
  2. What implications did you or your team consider after reviewing the results from your program or interventions?
    1. Implications explain how data results will help:
      1. Deliver lessons more effectively (considering content, strategies, time).
      2. Collect data more accurately (asking better questions based on quality content).
      3. Target ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors.
      4. Make decisions about which lessons to continue, add, or discontinue.
Documentation Uploads

The following 5 components must be included (in .pdf files or .xlsx/.xls/.csv for scoring rubric) for your application to be considered complete and forwarded for Program of Promise Review:

1. One (1) Application Signature Page: All signatures required to be reviewed

2022-2023 Application Signature Page (Google Docs)

2022-2023 Application Signature Page (Word)

2. One (1) WSCPAR – Use Template or Create Your Own:  WSCPAR must fit (back and front) on one 8 ½” x 11” sheet of paper

2022-2023 WSCPAR Template (Google Docs)

2022-2023 WSCPAR Template (Word)

3. One (1) Annual Administrative Conference Template*: signed by counselor(s) and administrator.

*It is not expected that all components of the Annual Administrative Conference are complete, please just note on your form what is currently in place. 

Annual Administrative Conference Template (ASCA Model 4th Edition) (Google Docs)

Annual Administrative Conference Template (ASCA Model 4th Edition) (Word)

4. Two (2) Annual Student Outcome Goal Forms:  minimum of one on closing the gap

Annual Student Outcome Goal form (Google Docs)

Annual Student Outcome Goal form (Word)

5. One (1) Completed Self Scoring Rubric: 

2022-2023 WSCPAR Scoring Rubric (Google Sheets)

2022-2023 WSCPAR Scoring Rubric (Excel)

Note, your entire application must be submitted at the same time and cannot be saved before submission. Make sure you have all your applications components completed before starting the online application.